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Over the years John has appeared in countless national, international and regional press and music publications. 

Here are just a few noteworthy quotes…

  • (Referring to John's latest CD, "Darkness Falls") Once again John Hahn has created a collection of songs that clearly have his signature all over them. It's a given that John is a guitarist's guitarist but it can't be overlooked that he's also an excellent song writer and arranger. John's  fluid style and sound make this collection not just "another" guitar album but an album that musically runs the gamut from beautiful to nasty and back. It reminds you of why you loved this type of album in the first place.  Every song takes you on a sonic journey that only the truly great musicians are able to do.

- Carl Canedy, Manager, Producer, Drummer of "The Rods"


  • "John's second solo Cd, "Darkness Falls," showcases strong musicianship, technical prowess and majestic compositions."

- David T. Chastain, Guitarist, Leviathan Records Owner


  • “(Album) is laden with tough rhythms and scorching leads…good vibrato and a vocabulary of flashy licks, (it) should appeal to fans of the genre.”

- Mike Varney, Guitar Player Magazine


  • “Let’s give the new GUITAR GOD John Hahn some time. He’s only the best new guitar talent to come forth in the (decade)”

- Steve McClure, Foundations


  • “…John is one of today’s pyrotechnic guitarists-the Vai’s and Satraiani’s of tomorrow… represents the best new ‘alternative’ music has to offer…(with) artistic integrity, more committed to instruments than to any scene or sound…blockbuster artist of tomorrow.”

- Guitar School Magazine


  • “(John) has a vibrant feel…emotion, substance is there, and talent rules all.”

- Kathie Zaccaria, Free Time Magazine


  • “(Out of the Shadows) is undoubtedly the most impressive instrumental debut recording (of the decade). Total package player combines technique, emotion, dynamics, compositional abilities, taste, feel, flash and fury!”

- Guitar World Magazine


  • “His musicianship…is excellent…(it) should put John Hahn in the ranks with the guitar greats.”

- AUDIOpinions, River City Music


  • “John, like Joe Satriani, has a way of making his music sound effortless, unpretentious, and just plain fun.”

- Adrenne Collier, High Voltage


  • “This guy is a total player! He has songs, dynamics, technique, feel, emotion compositional genius -- and every other quality a guitarist would ever need.”

- David T. Chastain, Guitarist, Leviathan Records Owner



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