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I am thrilled to announce "Darkness Falls" is now available!! 

"Darkness Falls" is now available in both digital download and CD formats on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, Google play and right here as well as many other fine retail locations. Click the "Listen/Purchase" link above to preview and/or purchase "Darkness Falls".

The vibe of this CD is a bit darker, heavier, and more progressive and than my previous releases with tons of guitar. I've managed to capture some of my best tones and performances on this release. This disc nails all the characteristics that I look for and love to hear  in an instrumental guitar release and was lots of fun to write and record. 



I'm thrilled to announce my endorsement with Voodoo Amps. Trace Davis is truly a master when it comes to amp building and modifications. Being a player himself he understands not only the sound but the feel the amp must have to work great!! Please go to my Video page and check out my performance videos playing to some of the tunes from Darkness Falls through my Voodoo modified Marshall 50w JCM800 amp! 

Speaking of videos, I have recorded a series of videos performing over backing tracks from my "Darkness Falls" release. You can check them out on my video page or on my facebook pages.

Carl Canedy, thunderous drummer extraordinaire from The Rod's has released his solo debut "Canedy - Headbanger". Carl also played drums on my debut "Out of the Shadows" instrumental release. I had the opportunity to play guitar throughout this release and on two occasions traded leads with none other than Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Chris Caffery!! Good times my friends!!

Coming soon...a gear page containing my various equipment including Voodoo Modified Marshall head, Fractal Audio Gear and my "GO TO" guitars, 2 PRS Custom 24 Guitars...

***I have a large backlog of stems recorded for my next instrumental release and am excited to announce that I have started building them into songs and laying down tracks!!

Stay tuned...


Pick up Darkness Falls @:   



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